Oily Skin Care Routine

Oily Skin Care Routine

You are wondering how to care for oily skin? Ahh, where do we start? The smooth, oily leather is the beauty of the fabric it is made of. So, while a shiny sheen can be great for your hair and nails, it is certainly not unattractive on your face. However, there is not a single direct cause of the oil threat on your face. If you have oily skin, it means that your skin has overactive glands that produce more oil than you need. It is often caused by climate change, hormones, genetics, diet, stress — or even the use of the wrong skin care product. Not to mention when your skin becomes dehydrated and compensates for fat loss, it begins to produce a lot of oil.

The result? Enlarged pores tend to have acne, breakouts, and blackheads. What a nightmare! However, just because you have oily skin does not mean you cannot do anything about it. First things first, instead of following the crowd, decide what works for you. Avoid using over-the-counter products and stick to tested oily skin products. Here are our formulas and tips for oily skin that will keep the oil from working.

Oily Skin Care Routine:

To make things easier for you. Incorporate oily skincare in the morning and evening to reduce your oily skin woes.

Best Cleanser For Oily Skin:

Filorga Foam Cleanser

Properties: Contains hyaluronic acid for younger-looking skin. Use in the morning and evening to achieve your desired results.
How to use: Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage it onto wet skin.

Ingredients: It do have Aqua (water),  methylisothiazolinone, sodium hyaluronate, lilium candidum flower extracts.

Filorga Foam Cleanser 150ml

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Uriage Hyseac Exfoliating Mask

Properties: HYSÉAC Exfoliating mask offers “à la carte” use: the absorption effectiveness of acover and the exfoliating action of a scrub for a double effect on the skin. This treatment combines pleasure and gentleness thanks to its micro-beads, which are kind to the skin. Absorbs impurities: The active ingredients it contains absorb impurities leaving the complexion clear and pure.
Smooths skin texture: This treatment leaves the skin smooth, radiant and scented with the delicate fragrance characteristic of the entire HYSÉAC skincare range. As a mask: Apply a fine layer on the face. Leave for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly without massaging. It can be used every day.
As a scrub:
1. Apply to wet face, massage gently with circular movements, rinse-off.
2. Use twice a week.
3. Avoid contact with eyes (in case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with clean water).

Uriage Hyseac Exfoliating Mask 100ml

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Best Sunscreen For Oily Skin:

Uriage Bariesun Spf50+ Ultra Fluid

It is specially developed for sensitive skin, this light and fragrance-free fluid provides very high protection against UVA and UVB rays and free radicals. Its ultra-fluid, water-resistant texture ensures fast penetration and a dry finish with no white film effect. Its pocket-size format makes it very handy to use whatever the occasion!

Uriage Bariesun Spf50+ Ultra Fluid Water helps fight against the negative effects of the sun. The skin barrier is thus reinforced and DNA is protected against deterioration by UV rays. Its latest-generation filter complex provides high protection against UVA and UVB rays and free radicals. This fluid guarantees broad-spectrum UVB-UVA cover and very high tolerance.

How to use:  Before exposure to sun , apply a dose that is sufficient to ensure adequate cover of the exposed area. Reducing this amount reduces the level of protection.  Even with adequate protection, keep exposure to a minimum.

Uriage Bariesun Spf50+ Ultra Fluid 30ml

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Best Face Mask For Oily Skin:

Filorga Oxygen-Glow Mask

Filorga Oxygen-Glow Mask smooths, evens, plumps, detoxifies, gets rid of dull complexion, uneven skin texture, dehydrated skin, fine lines and uneven skin tone. It has  an express skin-evening action enhanced due to a trio of peeling-effect active ingredients. The best is that it consists of a hydra-illuminating texture integrating Photoperfector HD technology for an instantly enhanced skin effect.

It is an express mask that erases flaws in real time and boosts radiance instantly for a naturally beautiful skin in just 10 minutes!

It is developed by FILORGA, the Super-Skin Boosting Factors complex combines an energizing oxygenation booster, plumping and smoothing hyaluronic acid and detoxifying L-enzyme to reveal a flawless skin, day after day.

Filorga Oxygen-Glow Mask: Super-Perfecting Express Mask 75ml

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