Wipes composed of 99% purified water

Wipes composed of 99% purified water

After its two references to organic avocado and olive oil, Mustela is now launching cotton wipes with water. And they have everything to seduce parents and their children with the certified organic (Ecocert and Cosmébio) as they display a minimalist formula of six ingredients, including 99% purified water and organic aloevera. Completely biodegradable and compostable, they are suitable for all children, those with normal skin as those with sensitive or atopic skin. For 100% green wipes, Mustela has also reworked its packaging, replacing the plastic cover on its traditional wipes with a sticker. It reduced the use of plastic by almost half. Here are the few must buy mustela wipes for your kids.

1.Mustela Cleansing Wipes (70 Wipes)

Mustela Cleansing Wipes (70 Wipes)

 Use a cleansing wipe to gently cleanse your baby or child’s skin. Ensure to close the lid after use, to avoid the wipes from drying out. Gently cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling pleasantly fresh. It leaves the newborn baby and child’s skin soft and moisturized.

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