Adopt Musc Blanc 30ml


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Adopt Musc Blanc

What gives it such a pleasant odour?

First, there’s a fluffy cloud of sweetness. Then there’s a touch of grace, purity, and poetry.
On arrival, the most delicate trail exists: this White Musk, emblematic, classic, and deliciously disturbing. What makes it smell so good? Delicate ylang-ylang rose, creamy white musk, and gourmet vanilla: follow your nose with this fragrance of infinite sweetness!

Adopt Musc Blanc Aromatic notes

A perfumery essential and classic. Because of the purity of this fragrance, we can let ourselves go to peace like a fluffy cloud full of sweetness. Rose and ylang-ylang greet us as a delicate introduction, gradually giving way to the intensely musky and reassuring heart. The comfort of a melting vanilla finally extends the sweetness to infinity.

Top notes: PinkYlang ylang
Heart note: white musks
Base note: Vanilla


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