Apivita Mountain Tea Body Milk 200ml


  • Nourishing blend with mountain tea: Contains a nourishing blend with mountain tea infusion.
  • Hydrates and softens skin: Moisturizes and leaves skin feeling velvety.
  • Promotes skin elasticity with natural ingredients: Helps maintain skin elasticity using natural components.
  • Invigorating aroma: Refreshing scent revitalizes the senses.
  • Lightweight formula for quick absorption: Absorbs quickly for all-day comfort.

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Apivita Mountain Tea Body Milk

is a scented body lotion that tones and reenergizes the skin. This body milk offers essential antioxidant advantages, which in turn help the skin fend off daily aggressors. It is based on an exclusive infusion of three different kinds of Greek mountain tea. Who doesn’t need an energy boost?

Apivita Tonic Mountain-Tea Body-Milk is appropriate for both men and women and mixes bergamot and eucalyptus for a refreshing injection of vitality. The incredibly effective moisturizer Apivita Tonic Mountain-Tea Moisturizing Body-Milk is ideal for treating skin that is moderately to severely dry. It has a special and effective blend of natural components that are good for the skin. Body milk quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy behind.


  • Bergamot and eucalyptus fragrance;
  • The texture of lotion
  • Skin conditions: dullness and dryness;
  • Application frequency: once per day;
  • Age: 10+;
  • All sorts of skin, even delicate skin;
  • The skin is hydrated and nourished, antioxidant benefits are provided, long-lasting comfort and vigor are produced, lightweight texture absorbs quickly, mild aroma is left on the face, 91% natural components, dermatologist tested;
  • Mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and silicones were omitted from the formulation.


Primary Components

  • Natural allantoin and aloe hydrate the skin, making it smoother and more malleable;
  • Greek organic olive oil, organic shea butter, and almond oil provide the skin with intense hydration, which helps shield it from external aggressors;
  • Instead of simple water, this product uses a trademarked infusion of three distinct species of organic Greek mountain tea; this natural ingredient serves to improve the formula’s already-present antioxidant qualities because of its high concentration of polyphenols.

How to use

Use Apivita Mountain-Tea Body-Milk 200ml on the skin and gently massage it in after a shower or bath. Use along with Apivita TonicĀ  Shower Gel Essential Oils to enhance the smell of this product.


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