Apivita Soap With Propolis 125g


  • Natural cleansing bar: A bar for gentle cleansing.
  • Enriched with propolis: Contains propolis for skin protection.
  • Delicate fragrance: Provides a refreshing scent.
  • Free from harsh chemicals: Doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or artificial additives.
  • Nourishes and moisturizes: Helps keep skin soft and healthy.

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Apivita Soap With Propolis 125g

Apivita Soap With Propolis is a washing soap with an antibacterial effect that is manufactured with 99% natural components and may be used on the face and body. Despite being appropriate for all skin types, it may be especially helpful for oily and young skin that is prone to acne because it promotes correct skin cleanliness and controls oiliness. It is also suitable for shaving, as well as skin on the face and body.

The product’s influence on the environment is just as crucial as its efficacy, which is why Apitiva chooses each raw ingredient while taking sustainability into account! A few examples include organic palm and coconut oils, which produce a thick, purifying lather that cleanses the skin while shielding it from outside aggressors. Propolis promotes good skin cleanliness and offers a light antibacterial effect at the same time. Similar to that, organic thyme essential oil has an antibacterial impact while also assisting in controlling oiliness. Utilize it daily to maintain clean, wholesome skin!


  • Bar-like texture
  • Everyday cleansing, shaving, and oiliness are skin problems;
  • Morning and evening application times;
  • Age: 10+;
  • All varieties of skin
  • Main advantages: provides a long-lasting antiseptic effect, deeply cleanses without removing the skin’s natural moisture, is appropriate for both the face and body, helps to reduce oiliness, provides long-lasting hygiene, contains 99% natural ingredients, packaging is FSC certified, and is 100 percent recyclable.


Primary Components

  • Palm and coconut oil-based organic soap creates a rich lather that gently cleanses the skin and leaves it feeling good;
  • Propolis has a mild antibacterial action and encourages clean, healthy skin;
  • Thyme essential oil is organic and has antimicrobial and emollient effects.

How to use

Apivita Soap With Propolis-125g should be applied to damp skin and massaged into a thick lather. Rinse well, then use your preferred moisturizing product to finish.


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