Durance Marseille soap Mandarin & Pomegranate 100g


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Durance Marseille soap Mandarin & Pomegranate 100g

Marseille soap by Les Essentiels, 100g
a mildly scented solid Marseille soap made with coconut, olive, and sunflower oils.

Red mandarin essential oil that is organic is used to make the Les Essentiels Mandarin & Pomegranate fragrance. A true vitamin cocktail that provides a genuine moment of enjoyment thanks to its combination of red fruits.

After using this soap, your skin will be subtly perfumed.

All skin types can benefit from this product’s gentleness and mild scent.

An innovative and affordable product that is perfect for giving or using yourself.

Warm water should be used to lather the soap into a rich, thick lather before rinsing.


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