Durance Perfumed Handmade Candle 180 gr Cinnamon Orange


Key Ingredients: ORANGE-CINNAMON
Made of 100% HANDMADE wax.
Flavor: Spicy, Gourmet, Fruity
Let burn for at least 1 hour
Burn time: +/- 40h
Always leave at least 20 cm between burning candles.

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Durance Perfumed Handmade Candle Cinnamon Orange. Make your house seem festive! To create a cosy atmosphere for your loved ones, combine the pleasant scent of cinnamon with the perfume of a luscious orange fruit.

scented candle durance
This lovely candle, which was manufactured by hand and painted in our workshops, will create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in your house. We use carefully curated components to create our candles, which are the result of a true and traditional knowledge.

Ideal for: Living room, Kitchen Burning time: around 40 hours
Holiday: Winter
Family: Spicy and Woody

could result in an allergic reaction.

Burn for at least one hour.

+/- 40H

Always space burning candles at least 20 cm apart.


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