Durance Perfumed soap Cotton Musk 125 gr


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Durance Perfumed soap Cotton Musk 125 gr

Beautifully packaged and quite aromatic! Vegetable oils abound in the “Cotton Musk” soap from Durance, which softly cleanses your hands with a creamy lather. It has cotton extracts and is enhanced with sweet almond oil. Pure tranquilly is offered by the delicate scent, which features floral notes, musk, sandalwood, and vanilla.

Feel-good Provence goods! The welcoming family-run business Durance offers goods with a distinctive refinement manufactured from regional raw materials that give each home a unique feel. The items create a special environment of well-being by bringing the beauty and originality of Provence right into your house. The brand’s personal care items also guarantee a distinctive sense of wellbeing and transport the senses to Provence.


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