Durance Perfumed soap Radiant Camellia 125 gr


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Durance Perfumed soap Radiant Camellia 125 gr

The heavy scent of the nocturnal flower, whose petals bloom in the evening and close at morning, has been femininely interpreted in this scent.

“The Eternelles”

In addition to providing inspirational moments for every woman, Durance describes the exquisite scented gardens in Provence and elsewhere.

The most priceless ingredients from the finest sources were chosen by our master perfumers from Grasse to produce one-of-a-kind scents.

Each aroma can be utilised with tranquilly thanks to its extraordinary deep shades (fragrance without CMR*).

*Fragrances without chemicals that are known to cause cancer or mutate or be hazardous to foetal development = CMR


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