Durance Perfumed Softener 1 L Cotton Flower


Key Ingredients: COTTON FLOWER
Over 95% ingredients of natural origin
Flavor: Reassuring, Tender, Gentle
Gently perfumes and cares for linen.

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Introducing Durance Perfumed Softener Cotton Flower, a luxurious addition to your laundry routine that combines the freshness of cotton flowers with the softness your fabrics deserve. Transform your everyday chores into a sensory delight as this softener envelops your clothes in a gentle embrace, leaving them not only impeccably soft but also subtly perfumed with the delightful fragrance of blooming cotton fields.


Captivating Fragrance: The Cotton Flower scent is a harmonious blend of floral notes, evoking the essence of freshly picked cotton blossoms.
Premium Softening: Durance Perfumed Softener ensures that your fabrics remain incredibly soft and touchable, enhancing the comfort of your clothing.
Long-lasting Effect: The fragrance lingers on your clothes, offering a prolonged olfactory experience that accompanies you throughout the day.

Primary Components

Fabric Softening Agents: Carefully selected softening agents work to relax the fibers in your fabrics, resulting in a plush feel against your skin.
Fragrance Microcapsules: Tiny microcapsules burst open during the drying process, releasing the enchanting Cotton Flower fragrance for a lasting, delicate scent.

How to Use Durance Perfume Softener Cotton Flower

Dosage: Follow the recommended dosage on the packaging based on the size of your load.
Addition to Rinse Cycle: Pour the softener into the designated compartment of your washing machine during the rinse cycle.
Enjoy the Results: Once your laundry is done, revel in the exceptional softness and subtle fragrance of your clothes.

Incorporate Durance Softener Cotton Flower into your laundry routine to elevate the sensory experience of clean clothes. With its meticulous blend of softening agents and captivating fragrance, this softener ensures that your fabrics not only look pristine but also feel irresistibly cozy. Embrace the beauty of cotton flowers in every wash, making your laundry routine a moment of indulgence.


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