Durance Room spray 100 ml Lavender


  • Durance Home Perfume: Instantly authentic, serene ambiance.
  • Delicate Blend: Musky, woody notes.
  • Recreates June Sun-Kissed Lavender: Evokes the essence of a sunlit lavender field.
  • Suitable for: Hall, lounge, bathroom, bedroom.
  • Perfect for Spring-Summer: Floral, serene fragrance.

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Elevate your space with the soothing essence of Durance Room Spray Lavender. Infused with the purest essence of lavender, this aromatic spray transforms any room into a sanctuary of calm and relaxation. Each spritz releases a burst of delicate fragrance, instantly refreshing your surroundings and creating a serene ambiance. Crafted with care, the Durance Room Spray  is perfect for eliminating unwanted odors or simply adding a touch of natural elegance to your home. Let the gentle aroma of lavender envelop you, bringing tranquility and harmony to your living space with every use.


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