Durance Room spray 100 ml Vetiver zest


Product Category: ROOM SPRAY
Key Ingredients: VETIVER ZEST
Made of 100% natural origin.
Flavor: Woody, Aromatic, Fresh
Convenient and easy to use
spreads with an intense fragrance

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Durance Room spray 100 ml Vetiver zest

Vetiver Durance Zest
The classic, woodsy, and aromatic vetiver perfume merges with the zesty notes of bergamot and grapefruit.

Durance room spray: This room spray will instantly create a cosy ambiance in your house. Practical and effective, your home’s interior spaces will all be strongly scented.

Bedroom, living room, hallway Study
Season: Year-round
Family of Fragrances: Woody and Spicy
Use: up to 80 sprays


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