Durance Scented Bouquet 100 ml Orange Blossom


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Durance Scented Bouquet 100 ml Orange Blossom

The fragrant bouquet from Durance
This Scented Bouquet, which is refined and exquisite, will fill your house with notes of sunshine and refreshment all the time. The rattan sticks are artfully arranged in a glass bottle to absorb the fragrance and then release it gradually over several weeks.

Orange Blossom: A green and gentle scent with elements of the Provence-evocative orange blossom that promotes relaxation and well-being.

By smell alone: Petitgrain essential oil, orange blossoms, and orange blossom honey are all the bitter orange’s riches for a bright and airy ambiance.

Entryway, corridor, bedroom, kitchen, and living room
Spring to summer
Group: floral
Comfortable and relaxed atmosphere


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