Durance Soft hand cream Orange Blossom 30 ml


Product Category: SOFT HAND CREAM
Key Ingredients: ORANGE BLOSSOM
Enriched with sweet almond oil and beeswax
95% ingredients of natural origin.
Flavor: Bright, Gentle, Powdery
Intended Use: Hand Cream
12 months (best use period)

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Durance Soft hand cream Orange Blossom: It was created under the North African heat and is a precious absolute with an exquisite and opulent floral scent. It adds texture with its sweet honeyed undertones and its subdued sensual overtones.

Your hands are left feeling soft and fragrant thanks to Durance Orange Blossom Soft Cream. You may carry it everywhere because to its compact size and enriched with beeswax and fragrant almond oil.

Durance Orange Blossom is a bouquet of white blossoms with bergamot, orange, and mandarin as well as the sweetness of neroli and orange blossom absolute blended with freshness and sparkling citrus notes over a musky, cosy, and vanilla base.

Durance’s Les Eternelles

Durance describes the lovely, fragrant gardens in Provence and elsewhere and offers moving moments for every lady.

To produce distinctive fragrances, our expert perfumers from Grasse have chosen the most priceless ingredients from the finest sources.

Each perfume can be used with peace and all scents are free of CMR*. They are all made with substances that are at least 95% natural in origin.

*Fragrances lacking compounds listed as mutagens, carcinogens, or hazardous to reproductive substances = CMR


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