Durance Soft hand cream Rose Petal 30 ml


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Durance Soft hand cream Rose Petal 30 ml

Rose Petal Hand Cream, 75ml

– with DURANCE Rose from Provence extract

The floral monarch in all her splendour. bringing to mind the fruity, fragrant, and fresh Centifolia Rose notes for a graceful woman in love. Your hands are hydrated and delightfully fragrant after using our gentle hand cream, Rose Petal.

Every lady will experience inspirational moments in Les Eternelles Durance, which describes the lovely scented gardens in Provence and elsewhere.

To produce distinctive fragrances, our expert perfumers from Grasse have chosen the most priceless ingredients from the finest sources.

Each aroma is incredibly deep and can be utilised with tranquilly (fragrance without CMR*).

*Fragrances lacking compounds listed as mutagens, carcinogens, or hazardous to reproductive substances = CMR


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