Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 4-15ml


Skin type: All skin types. To be used alone or together with other Fillerina products.(For tropical and external use only)

Age range: 40-50

Special ingredients: Hyaluronic acids, Collagens and Elastins.

Used for: Eye

About product: eye contour, with densifying filler effect.(Highly effective on Eye contour wrinkles)

Dermatologically tested for safety and efficacy.

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Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 4

Targeting the prominent ageing signs found in the eye contour, Fillerina 12 Densifying-Filler Eye Contour Cream Grade 4 is an efficient and reasonably priced alternative to cosmetic injectables.

In order to provide the highest level of comfort, this Fillerina-Eye Contour-Cream Grade4-15ml thick cream adheres to and absorbs deeply into the most delicate area of the face. Additionally, this cream can be used to address Grade 4 age indicators, such as the need for more volume in the skin and the development of deep creases and fine lines around the eyes.

In doing so, it provides the skin with intense hydration and nourishment as well as intense restoration, densification, and filling in of the skin’s softening signs of ageing. Additionally, an energetic look gives the overall complexion a more alert appearance.

Fillerina Eye Contour-Cream Grade4 has an exceptional Transdermal Technology as well. The basis for this is the production of active compounds with a range of molecular weights, starting at the lowest and rising to the highest. In other words, this cream’s anti-aging effects are more potent and noticeable right away due to the ingredients’ speedier and quite effective penetration into the skin. The revitalising and renewing effect of the eye cream makes the complexion appear notably brighter and more alert overall.

Due to the skin’s improved hydration and nourishment, the deep signs of ageing are also noticeably smoother.


  • A texture like cream;
  • Skin issues include a need for more volume, drooping signs that are obvious, and fine lines and deep creases around the eyes.
  • Age: 40+;
  • Including sensitive skin, all skin types;
  • The following are its main benefits: has a filler effect on expression lines while renewing and plumping the skin around the eyes; has a lifting and volumizing effect;
  • Alternatives to cosmetic medicine injections;
  • Is risk-free for all skin types, even those prone to rosacea with the most delicate complexions.

Primary Ingredients

  • Twelve hyaluronic acid molecules of varied weights and sizes can more easily pass through the various skin layers. This makes it possible for there to be a deep moisturising action as well as a filling effect for lines and wrinkles brought on by facial emotions as well as a volume impact for the lips and cheekbones;
  • 3 By acting as redensifiers, collagen molecules of different molecular weights assist the skin in regaining its strength and density;
  • The skin can restore its elasticity and suppleness thanks to two elastin molecules with different molecular weights.

How to use

Daily, gently massage Fillerina-Eye Contour-Cream Grade4 into the region around the eyes in the morning and/or at night to promote absorption. It is usable separately as well as in conjunction with other Fillerina products.


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