Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Lip Contour Cream Grade 4-15ml


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Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Lip Contour Cream Grade 4

Fillerina 12HA Densifying-Filler Lip Contour Cream Grade 4 operates on the evident signs of ageing present in the lip contour and is a helpful and simple alternative to cosmetic injectables.

Having said that, this light cream quickly absorbs into the skin of the face, acting on Grade 4 age signs such deep creases and fine lines in the lips’ contour and in the lips themselves, a loss of firmness due to evident sagging, and a need for more volume on the skin.

The sensitive skin is revitalised and rejuvenated as a result. The skin is also simultaneously more nourished, radiant, and moisturised.

The patented Transdermal Technology is another feature of Fillerina-Lip Contour-Cream Grade4-15ml. This is then supported by the creation of active substances with a range in molecular weight from the smallest to the largest.

In other words, the cream’s anti-aging effects are more potent and obvious right away because the chemicals are absorbed more quickly and efficiently. Overall, using this lip cream will result in a lip contour that is significantly denser, plumper, and free of fine lines and wrinkles.

Additionally, the skin is much better moisturised, nourished, and appears to have received regular attention.

  • A smooth consistency
  • Skin issues include deep wrinkles and fine lines, sagging that is obviously present, and a need for more volume;
  • Either in the morning or at night, apply;
  • Age: 40+;
  • Skin of all types, including delicate skin;
  • The main benefits of Fillerina Lip Contour-Cream Grade4 are that it has a filler effect on expression lines and wrinkles, replenishes and plumps the skin around the lips, has a lifting effect on facial features, is suitable for the most sensitive skin types, including rosacea-prone skin, and provides an alternative to aesthetic medicine injections.
Primary Ingredients
  • The various skin layers can be more easily penetrated by 12 different sized and weighted hyaluronic acid molecules. This has a significant moisturising effect, a filling effect for creases and lines brought on by facial expressions, and an influence on the volume of the lips and cheekbones;
  • The skin’s rigidity and density can be restored by redensifying collagen molecules of various molecular weights;
  • Elastin comes in two molecular weights that help the skin regain its suppleness and elasticity.
How to use

Daily, dab a small amount of Fillerina-Lip Contour-Cream Grade4 on the entire lip area, including the lips themselves, and gently massage it in to aid in absorption. Uses for Fillerina are permitted both independently and in conjunction with other products.


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