Mustela Musti-Eau De Soin-Perfume 50ml


Skin Type: Normal

Appropriate for Age Group: Babies out of NICU

Scent: Citrus, Rose And Lilac and alcohol-free

Used for: Hair, Neck And Clothing

Product Form: Spray

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Mustela Musti-Eau De Soin-Perfume 50ml provides a feeling of relaxation and freshness by enveloping the baby in a soft smell. This perfumed water combines honey and camomille extracts, which are both specifically created to promote feelings of warmth and wellbeing. They enable this aroma to produce a calming and peaceful atmosphere because to their softening and soothing qualities. This scent can be used from the baby’s first days of life because it respects their sensitive skin. Apply it to the baby’s clothes and linens as well as their hair and neck to produce a genuine moment of well-being. The scent is energizing, natural, fresh, and fresh. Sensitive skin can use it because it doesn’t irritate. It is portable and can be used to spray the body, hair, clothes, and underwear. It can be used anywhere, at any time. Being appropriate for children and newborns is one of the main advantages of using Mustela Eau De Soin perfume. For babies, it is truly advised. The weight of it is really low. Nothing about it is greasy. Avocado Perseose can be found in it. Actually, a natural substance called avocado perseose can help newborns’ skin’s protective layer.


  • Citrus, rose, and lilac notes in the fragrance;
  • Liquid-like texture
  • When to apply: once per day;
  • Age: 0+;
  • All varieties of skin
  • Main advantages: envelops the baby’s hair, neck, and/or clothing in a light and airy aroma; contains qualities that are both relaxing and calming; delivers freshness and softness, creating a genuine moment of well-being; formula comprises 97% elements that are naturally sourced;
  • Made without parabens and alcohol.

Primary Components

  • Honey and Camomille Extracts have both relaxing and calming qualities;
  • Freshness and softness are brought by this delicate scent, which combines delicate notes of rose, lilac, and citrus. It also offers a genuine moment of well-being.

How to apply

Use Mustela-Musti Eau de Soin-Perfume to spritz onto your hands’ palms. Then carefully spread to the child’s clothing and linens, as well as their hair and neck.


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