Phyto Phytocolor 8 Light Blonde


Phyto phytocolor 8 light blonde The PHYTOCOLOR permanent hair colour dye is enriched with botanical pigments to provide intense and brilliant colour, while being gentle on the scalp.

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Phyto phytocolor 8 light blonde

combines advanced technology and botanical knowledge to create a plant-based hair dye for you that is suitable for sensitive scalps due to being formulated WITHOUT resorcin, PPD, parabens, or ammonia. Each Phytocolor shade contains high concentrations of pigments and plant extracts to give the hair a wonderful natural shade while caring for their health in a collection of intense, permanent, and deep colours with natural reflections. The colouring cream contains a jojoba and monoi oil elixir containing 10 plant extracts! The exceptional concentration of 5 herbal pigments per shade allows for a natural colour with luminous reflections while protecting the hair and scalp. Because of the Epaline and juazeiro tree bark, which soothe discomfort sensations and provide optimal skin tolerance, the hair is deeply nourished and soft, and the scalp is respected.
Phytocolor, now with new packaging and a formula free of PPD and ammonia, to protect your hair while colouring it.


  • Phytocolor Permanent Color ensures that colour will last and look luscious for much longer.
  • To deeply nourish the hair fibre, this formula contains monoi and jojoba oils.
  • Plant dyes derived from buckthorn, madder, coreopsis, broom, and campeche wood have been used since ancient times for their colouring properties.
  • Because of two botanical extracts: juazeiro bark and Epaline, it has regenerating and soothing properties.
  • Phytocolor hair dye has been dermatologically tested to reduce the risk of allergy.
  • Grey hair is completely covered from the first application.
  • Free of PPD, ammonia, and resorcinol.


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