Rausch Amaranth Repair Rinse Conditioner 200ml For Damaged Hair


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Rausch Amaranth Repair Rinse Conditioner

Say goodbye to damaged, lifeless hair with Rausch Amaranth Repair Rinse Conditioner 200ml. This rejuvenating conditioner is enriched with the nourishing power of amaranth, providing the ultimate solution for revitalizing and repairing your precious locks.


  • Intensive Repair: Experience the transformation as the Amaranth Repair Rinse Conditioner works deeply to repair and strengthen damaged hair, bringing back its natural resilience and shine.
  • Nourishing Amaranth: Infused with the goodness of amaranth extracts, the conditioner replenishes essential nutrients in your hair, promoting overall health and vitality.
  • Smooth and Manageable: Bid farewell to frizz and tangles as the conditioner detangles and smoothes your hair, making it more manageable and easy to style.
  • Protects from Further Damage: The protective formula shields your hair from environmental stressors, minimizing future damage and ensuring long-lasting results.

Primary Components

  • Amaranth Extracts: Rich in proteins and vitamins, amaranth restores your hair’s natural strength, protecting it from further damage and promoting growth.
  • Keratin: Adding keratin helps rebuild damaged hair cuticles, making your hair smoother and more resilient.
  • Argan Oil: Argan oil deeply nourishes and hydrates your hair, giving it a healthy, glossy appearance.

How to use Rausch Amaranth Repair Rinse Conditioner

  • After shampooing, gently squeeze out excess water from your hair.
  • Take a generous amount of Rausch Amaranth Repair Rinse Conditioner and apply it to the lengths and ends of your hair.
  • Allow the conditioner to work its magic for a few minutes. Cover your hair with a shower cap during this time for an extra nourishing treatment.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water until the conditioner is completely washed out.
  • Use the conditioner regularly as part of your hair care routine for optimal results.

Embrace the transformation to healthier, rejuvenated hair with Amaranth Repair Conditioner 200ml. Restore your hair’s natural beauty, strength, and vitality as you bid farewell to damage and embrace a new era of hair confidence. Revive your damaged locks with the power of amaranth and let your hair shine with radiant health. Experience the joy of transformation with Rausch Amaranth Repair Rinse Conditioner, and let your hair tell a story of care and revival.


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