Theodent 300 Toothpaste


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Theodent 300 Toothpaste

Theodent 300 Toothpaste is the improved strength of our special composition.

The discriminating Theodent consumer who needs or wants the highest dose of RennouTM on the market is the target market for this product.

Theodent 300, which is supported by an extra-strength dose of distinctive RennouTM, is the product of Theodent’s research and development.

After just one brush, it starts to act.

Despite its strength, Theodent 300 is non-toxic, suitable for use by youngsters (particularly in cases of enamel hypoplasia), and does not hurt if ingested (which could cause enamel to thin).

Theodent 300 is only available from particular dental practises, clinics, and our website.


  • Theodent 300 Clinic-Strength Toothpaste represents the culmination of our research and is the greatest product we have to offer.
  • When coupled with a high dose of Rennou, the effects of Theodent300 are felt right away.
  • More swiftly than any other toothpaste on the market, Theodent300 remineralizes tooth enamel and provides hypersensitivity relief right away.
  • For a truly amazing experience, you can substitute the twice-daily toothpaste Theodent300 for your regular toothpaste.
  • Even when administered at the Rennou extra-strength dosage, Theodent300 is not dangerous if consumed.
  • All across the world, Theodent300 is offered for sale at pharmacies, department stores, supermarkets, spas, and high-end shops.
  • Quality vanilla and spearmint oil are subtly combined in the flavour of Theodent 300.
  • Theodent 300 has been clinically proven to be three times more effective in reducing plaque than the best fluoride toothpaste. It is safe for usage by both adults and children.
  • provides enduring protection against tooth decay. It also helps with tooth whitening and tartar and plaque eradication.
  • Whitens teeth Rennou, an ingredient in Theodent 300, has a demonstrated track record of teeth whitening.
  • Theodent 300 also contains fluoride, which is said to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.
  • Gums are soothed by Theodent300’s calming ingredients, which also make it gentle on gums.

How to use Theodent 300 Toothpaste

Brush your teeth twice or three times a day with Theodent300 Tooth paste. Young children should use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to brush their teeth while being watched by an adult.


How to useĀ 

Use Theodent 300 Clinical-Strength Toothpaste two to three times daily to brush your teeth. Under the supervision of an adult, young children should brush their teeth with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.


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