Theodent Classic Toothpaste 30 Tubes


  • Theodent Classic Case – 30 Tubes: A convenient bundle of Theodent Classic toothpaste.
  • Long-lasting supply: With 30 tubes, enjoy extended oral care without frequent purchases.
  • Powerful formulation: Enriched with Rennouâ„¢ for strengthened tooth enamel and improved oral health.
  • Refreshing minty flavor: Leaves your mouth feeling revitalized after each brush.
  • Versatile solution: Perfect for individuals or dental professionals seeking a reliable toothpaste supply.

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Theodent Classic Toothpaste 30 Tubes

Theodent Classic Toothpaste, which comes in 30 tubes as part of the Theodent Product Bundle, is the pinnacle of oral care.

Your dental hygiene requirements will be satisfied for a considerable amount of time thanks to the long-lasting supply of Theodent Classic provided by this package.

With this practical and affordable option, you may improve your dental hygiene regimen.


  • Theodent Classic is well known for having outstanding properties that make it stand out from other toothpastes.
  • It makes use of the innovative component RennouTM, made from cocoa beans, to harness its power.
  • This proprietary product delivers a fluoride substitute that is all-natural and has excellent oral health advantages.
  • Theodent Classic’s pleasant mint flavour not only builds tooth enamel but also revitalises your mouth.

Primary Components

  • There are 30 tubes of Theodent Classic toothpaste in the Theodent Classic Case.
  • Each tube is made up of the exclusive formulation supplemented with RennouTM, giving it a dependable option for promoting strong teeth and ideal oral health.
  • It is practical for people, families, or dental professionals because 30 tubes are included, ensuring an ample supply.

How to Use Theodent Classic Toothpaste 30 Tubes

Simply include Theodent Classic toothpaste in your regular dental routine to use it.

Just squirt a pea-sized amount onto your toothbrush, then thoroughly clean your teeth for two minutes.

Your mouth will feel energised after brushing with Theodent Classic’s mint flavour, which adds a pleasant touch.

The 30 tubes included in the package allow you to give regular oral hygiene for a protracted period of time.

For those who require long-term oral care, the Theodent Product Bundle with the Theodent Classic Case and 30 tubes offers an exceptional solution.

Theodent Classic offers great advantages for your oral health thanks to its distinct formulation that includes RennouTM and a lovely mint flavour.

This bundle offers ease, economy, and adaptability whether you are an individual or a dental professional.

Accept the value and convenience of Theodent Classic Case in place of regular toothpaste purchases.

Enjoy the endless supply of Theodent Classic in this fantastic bundle to elevate your oral hygiene regimen and support a healthy smile.


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