Uriage Baby 1st Diaper Change Cream 100ml


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Uriage Baby 1st Change Cream

It is best to safeguard the baby’s sensitive skin with every diaper change. It soothes and nourishes the skin while also protecting and mending it thanks to a unique formula. The two advantages of uriage hot water and edelweiss extract are that they both strengthen the skin barrier and reduce discomfort. Shea Butter soothes the skin by encouraging skin renewal and relaxing it. Furthermore, zinc oxide fortifies the skin surrounding the diaper area, shielding it from external aggressors and moisture. All in all, Uriage-Baby 1st Change Cream-100ml promotes the restorative, soothing, and protecting qualities of the skin. During every diaper change throughout the day, it is perfect for protecting and calming the delicate skin in the diaper area.


  • Cream in texture
  • Shift in diapers, skin redness, sensitivity, and itching;
  • Applying: each time your infant is changed during the day;
  • Age: 0+ years old;
  • A wide range of skin tones
  • Principal benefits include nourishing and calming the diaper area, promoting a healthier skin barrier, assisting in the prevention and reduction of redness and irritation, creating a barrier that shields the area’s delicate skin from moisture and external aggressors, and being formulated with 96% natural ingredients;
  • Throughout the formulation process, alcohol, fragrance, and parabens were avoided.

Primary Components

  • Edelweiss extract has soothing properties in addition to antioxidant properties. It improves skin barrier strength and reduces the appearance of sensitivity;
  • In addition to offering intense moisture, shea butter can help the skin relax and regenerate. It results in a healthier skin barrier and more pleasant skin;
  • Uriage Thermal Water, which is pure and naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, is a fantastic source of health advantages. It soothes the skin and lessens pain;
  • Zinc oxide creates a barrier that protects the sensitive skin around the diaper area from moisture and external aggressors.

How to apply Uriage Baby 1st Diaper Change Cream

Utilize Uriage Baby 1st Change Cream 100ml during each diaper change. After the diaper region is clean and dry, apply a thin layer of this product.


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