Uriage Baby 1st Peri-Oral Care 30ml


Skin Type:   All skin types, Skincare for irritated skin

Age Range: Baby

Special Ingredients: Uriage Thermal Water

Used for:  Lip contour

About Product : Soothes, Cleanses & Purifies, Repairs.

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Uriage Baby 1st Peri-Oral Care it works well to reduce and soothe irritation around the lips. Its unique recipe not only provides long-lasting relaxation and accelerates skin regeneration and healing, but it also soothes and shields. Because copper and zinc are used in its creation, it aids in skin purification and reduces the chance of infection. By combining the nourishing and relaxing properties of Aloe Vera and Shea Butter, it not only helps with skin regeneration but also relaxes the skin. Thanks to the combination of TLR 2 Regul, Uriage Thermal Water, and Edelweiss Extract, Uriage Baby 1st Peri-Oral Care also lowers irritation and redness while minimizing indicators of sensitivity. Ultimately, by cleaning, healing, and relaxing the mouth skin of babies and youngsters, it helps to restore comfort and suppleness to the skin.


  • Cream in texture;
  • Among the skin disorders are mouth irritations and perioral dermatitis.
  • Two to three applications should be submitted each day.
  • Age: more than 0;
  • a variety of skin tones
  • Primary benefits: minimizes discomfort by reducing redness and irritation; accelerates skin regrowth; eases oral irritations; consists of 94% natural components in its recipe;
  • calms and soothes irritations around the mouth; comes in environmentally friendly packaging with a 100% recyclable box and an aluminum tube;
  • Throughout the formulation process, parabens, alcohol, and scent were avoided.

Primary Components

  • Rich in hydrating and relaxing properties is aloe vera. By aiding in the decrease of inflammation and redness, it maintains the skin glowing and smooth;
  • Copper and zinc lessen the risk of infection because of their cleaning properties.
  • Edelweiss extract provides antioxidants and soothing properties. In addition to improving the skin barrier, it reduces symptoms of sensitivity;
  • The skin can be calmed, renewed, and intensely hydrated using shea butter. Additionally, it leads to a healthier skin barrier and increases skin comfort;
  • TLR 2 Regul helps to decrease redness and irritation by inducing the skin’s natural defensive mechanisms.

How to apply Uriage Baby 1st Peri-Oral Care

Put Uriage Baby 1st Peri oral care to use. Apply to the area around the mouth that is irritated after cleansing and drying the skin. Till all of the oil is absorbed, massage gently. Make use of it two or three times every day.


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