Uriage Baby 1st Thermal Water Spray 150ml


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Uriage Baby 1st Thermal Water Spray

is the ideal daily moisturizer for hydrating, calming, and healing the baby’s fragile skin on the face, torso, and diaper area. Due to the enhanced levels of calcium and magnesium, Uriage Thermal Water also soothes sensitive skin. It contains a high concentration of minerals with distinctive moisturizing and healing activities. Protected and smoother skin is maintained. 

Our product Uriage-Baby 1st Thermal-Water-Spray 150ml has extremely high hydrating properties, thanks to its high concentration in minerals similar to skin cells, it offers prolonged moisturizing benefits. It is beneficial for the sensitive skin of babies thanks to its balance of minerals, particularly of calcium and magnesium. ilicon helps reinforce the skin’s hydrolipid film. It also helps restore the skin barrier, thanks to its unique composition of minerals. Uriage Thermal Water is perfect for moisturizing, soothing and protecting baby’s delicate skin on a daily basis. Recommended for its capacity to instantly soothe diaper rash and everyday irritation. Mineral salts and trace elements abound in the 100% PURE AND NATURAL Uriage Thermal Water. 100 percent recyclable aluminium aerosol For all Thermal Water versions, removal of the label booklet results in a 6T plastic savings each year.


  • Liquid in texture
  • Skin conditions: diaper rash, inflamed skin, and sensitive skin
  • When it is required, at any time;
  • Age: 0+;
  • Skin type: every type of skin, even delicate skin;
  • Moisturizing, calming, and repairing the skin of the newborn are the main advantages.


Primary Components

  • Thermal Uriage The skin is soothed, repaired, and moisturized by water.

How to use

Anytime you need to, Spray Uriage-Baby 1st Thermal-Water-Spray 150ml . Many times a day can be spent using it. Keep excess in place. Spray it on and let it do the magic! Can be used in the eyes and on mucous membranes. Refreshes and rehydrates during the heat. Used for hydrating, protecting, and healing diaper rash and everyday skin irritations.


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