Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream 50ml


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Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream

is a lotion that acts as a barrier and repairs excessively dry hands. Thanks to the Poly-2P Patented Complex and Phytosqualanes, which shield the hands’ surface from external aggressors and chemical pollutants, it calms, softens, and nourishes the hands while also protecting them from these substances. The water-resistant, non-sticky cream repairs and shields the skin while it absorbs moisture. Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream aids in reestablishing the skin’s protective barrier and offers all-day comfort is called Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream50ml. With a high concentration of Uriage Thermal Water, it creates a layer on the skin that keeps it from drying out and increases its flexibility. Due to its high quantity of Uriage Thermal Water, which boosts the skin’s resistance to external aggressors, Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream offers a potent and long-lasting moisturising, soothing, and protecting activity. A renewing treatment that rebuilds and safeguards the hands is the Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream. It effectively hydrates, regenerates, and shields hands from everyday aggressions. Through skin barrier restoration, it calms and relaxes the skin. For all skin types, this product is appropriate. The skin is fed, hydrated, and safeguarded.


  • Cream-colored texture
  • Hands harmed by chemical chemicals and daily violence are examples of skin disorders;
  • Time of application: whenever you need;
  • Age: 3+;
  • Extremely dry skin;
  • Main advantages: calms, softens, and nourishes hands; guards against attack from the outside; separates from chemical products;
  • Scent was left out of the formulation.


Primary Components

  • Heater Uriage The skin is calmed by water;
  • The Poly-2P Patented Complex separates the hands’ surface to deter attacks;
  • Emollient and filmogenic characteristics are possessed by phytosqualanes;
  • Glycerin keeps skin moisturized and stops water loss;
  • Bacterial growth is less likely with the use of manuka honey.

How to use

Every time your hands need to be protected or nourished, apply Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream. Uriage Bariederm Hand Cream has a creamy, quickly absorbed and nongreasy texture.



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