Uriage Bariederm Insulating Cream 75ml


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Uriage Bariederm Insulating Cream

is a healing and insulating cream created specifically to care for dry and damaged skin areas. This product offers a strong defense against irritation, friction, and chemical assaults on the skin since it is made with Patented Poly-2P Complex, which protects and restores damaged skin, and Uriage Thermal Water, which eases uncomfortable feelings. This Uriage-Bariederm Insulating Repairing Cream75ml is appropriate for both personal and professional usage and is particularly helpful for use on dry and/or injured hands. Skin regeneration, repair, insulation, protection, and protection reduces irritability, reduces itchiness and redness. It is simple to apply and is a soft, creamy, easy-to-apply, non-greasy cream called Uriage-Bariederm Insulating Repairing Cream. To address the requirements of extremely sensitive skin, Uriage-Bariederm Insulating Repairing Cream was created. Skin is instantly calmed and healed.

The therapy Uriage-Bariederm Insulating Repairing Cream, made by Uriage Laboratories, is intended to revitalize and defend the hands and nails. The product is created using a unique formula that may fix any damage brought on by the weather while also rehydrating the skin, increasing its firmness and elasticity, and boosting its firmness.


  • Cream-colored texture
  • Dryness, dehydration, irritability, and sensitivity of the skin;
  • Time of application: as often as required;
  • Age: 10+;
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive skin;
  • The main advantages are that the formula is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, it hydrates dry Skin areas and provides comfort, it regenerates the skin, and it protects the skin against future aggressions;
  • Parabens and aroma were omitted from the formulation.


Primary Components

  • Patented Poly-2P Complex acts as an insulator on the skin’s surface to deter subsequent attacks;
  • Uriage Thermal Water calms the skin and lessens discomfort-causing sensations because it is pure and naturally abundant in mineral salts and trace components.

How to use

The skin region that has to be insulated, protected, or mended should be treated as often as necessary with Uriage-Bariederm Insulating Cream75ml both the face and the body may be employed.


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