Uriage Bariesun After Sun Repair Balm 150ml


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Uriage Bariesun After Sun Repair Balm 150ml

is a creamy melt-in balm that provides immediate comfort and relief to skin that has been overheated and dried out by the sun. In fact, by combating the negative effects of sun exposure, this solution, which contains a special combination of Vitamins E and C, inhibits photoaging. In addition, this product delivers soothing and moisturizing effects on the skin because Uriage Thermal Water is a component of the formula. Because of this, the skin is rebuilt and nourished following each application, resulting in a tan that lasts and looks and feels naturally radiant. Its novel and healing texture dissolves into the skin and induces a feeling of wellbeing. It offers the skin a powerful reparative effect that aids in easing uncomfortable tightness. It moisturizes the skin and lowers the risk of skin sensitivities. It shields the skin from developing dark patches. It aids in the restoration of the skin’s natural moisture balance and brightness.


  • Balm-like in texture;
  • Skin conditions: sun exposure, sunburn, photoaging, dryness, dehydration, and sensitivity;
  • After sun exposure is the ideal time to apply;
  • Age: 10+;
  • Skin type: normal to dry, including sensitive skin;
  • Main advantages: calms the skin after sun exposure, offers intense protection against dryness and dehydration, counteracts the effects of free radicals, prolongs and intensifies the tan, and has a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula.


Primary Components

  • Vitamin E guards against cell mutagenesis brought on by sun exposure;
  • Additional defense against immediate UVB deterioration is provided by vitamin C;
  • Pure and naturally abundant in mineral salts and trace elements, Uriage Thermal Water is a great source of health benefits. Like that, this substance can calm the skin and lessen uncomfortable feelings.

How to use

After being in the sun, use Uriage Bariesun AfterSun RepairBalm150ml. On clean, dry skin, generously apply the cream. After that, gently massage the area to ensure optimum absorption. Repeat as often as necessary.


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