Uriage Bariesun Tinted Cream SPF50+ 50ml


Skin Type: Skincare for sensitive skin, Skincare for combination skin, Skincare for dry skin, Skincare for very dry skin , Skincare for irritated skin, Skincare for normal to dry skin

Age Range: Adult

Special Ingredients: Uriage Thermal Water New anti-UVA-UVB filtering complex Vitamins C and E Aquaspongines Fragrance

Used for: Face

About Product: Very High Protection Tinted Cream

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Uriage Bariesun Tinted Cream SPF50+has a powerful filtering system that effectively guards against sun damage to the skin. This facial sunscreen also contributes to a more even complexion by giving the skin on the face a light, natural covering. The entire face is thus left with a radiant finish as a result of this, which is bearable and soon absorbed. This solution is additionally enhanced with a brand-new complex made of the most recent generation of skin-protecting filters. In turn, this cream ensures photostability and comprehensive UVB and UVA protection. Additionally, in addition to being highly safe, its fluid texture is also light, non-greasy, and water-resistant. Additionally, it absorbs swiftly without leaving the skin feeling thick and heavy. Finally, each time it is applied to the skin, the pleasant smell ensures renewed enjoyment of usage.


  • Color: medium;
  • Sheerness of coverage;
  • Liquid texture;
  • UV radiation causes skin problems;
  • Pre-sun exposure is the ideal time to apply;
  • Age: 15+;
  • A range of skin tones;
  • The following are the main advantages of this product: it evens out skin tone, provides excellent protection against UV rays and free radicals, maintains skin moisture, delays the onset of ageing since it safeguards skin DNA, is water resistant, hypoallergenic, and has a non-comedogenic formula.


Primary Components

  • The soothing properties of Uriage Thermal Water, which is pure and naturally abundant in mineral salts and trace elements, help to cure itchy skin;
  • The skin won’t dry out because to aquaspongines;
  • The skin is shielded from free radical damage by vitamins C and E.
  • Proven photostability and extensive UVB and UVA coverage are guaranteed by the new Anti-UVA-UVB Filtering Complex.


How to use

Before exposure, cover the area that will be exposed to the sun with a thick layer of Uriage-Bariesun TintedCream SPF50+50ml. Reapply frequently, especially after swimming, perspiring, or towel drying.


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