Uriage Gyn Phy Intimate Hygiene Gel 200ml


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Uriage Gyn Phy Intimate Hygiene Gel

is a mild gel that washes, cools, and calms the feminine intimate area gently. The Glyco-Gyn Cleansing Complex is first used by this formula to effectively cleanse without producing dryness and create a healthy balance of the mucous membrane. Additionally, Uriage Thermal Water relaxes the skin, easing any uncomfortable sensations. The physiological pH of the Uriage Gyn-Phy Intimate Hygiene Refreshing Gel, last but certainly not least, contributes to comfort and wellbeing maintenance throughout the day.

GYN-PHY gently cleanses, guarantees anti-irritation effectiveness and maintains the natural balance of the intimate flora. This product is specifically formulated for the daily hygiene of the intimate mucous membranes. Irreproachable tolerance. The cleansing GLYCO-GYN complex (glyco-esters and glyco-flavonoids of Edelweiss) delivers a gentle cleansing action without causing dryness. Protects natural balance: Lactic acid and its innovative cleansing complex, help respect and maintain the natural balance of the intimate flora. The physiological pH boosts this action and provides you your desired results.


  • Gel for texture
  • Sensitive irritation and regular washing are skin problems.
  • Once daily; Age: 10 and up; Application time
  • Skin type: every type of skin, even delicate skin;
  • The recipe is hypoallergenic and gynecologically certified, and it washes without leaving a dry feeling. It also calms irritation and restores the intimate area’s natural balance.
  • Made without soap.


Primary Components

  • Purifying without drying, Glyco-Gyn is a special cleansing compound. The appropriate equilibrium of the mucous membranes is also supported by this component;
  • Pure and naturally abundant in mineral salts and trace elements, Uriage Thermal Water is a great source of health benefits. As a result, it calms the skin and dispels any unpleasant feelings.


How to use

Apply a suitable amount of the Uriage-Gyn-Phy Intimate Hygiene-Gel 200ml to the intimate area. Next, use water to lather. Rinse your hands thoroughly to complete. Only external usage of this product is recommended.


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