Uriage Roseliane Anti Redness Cream


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Uriage Roseliane Anti Redness Cream

is a rich and creamy balm that inhibits the key factors triggering couperose/rosacea, protects the skin’s vascular system and limits aggravating factors. Upon application, comfort is immediately restored to skin, leaving it soft, perfectly moisturized and soothed. Rich in Uriage Thermal Water with moisturizing and soothing properties, and in Cerasterol-2F that durably restructures the cutaneous barrier, this cream hydrates and provides immediate and long-lasting skin comfort. Ginseng and red algae extracts strengthen blood vessel walls, reducing their appearance on the skin’s surface. Restores and fortifies the immunological barrier: A new patent filed by the Uriage Dermatological Laboratories combines TLR2-Regul complex and SK5R complex (Specific-Kallikrein-5-Regulator) to regulate the activity of Kallikrein-5, a protease that causes inflammation and vascular problems, and provide highly effective soothing action. The Uriage Roseliane Cream Anti-Redness is a product that deeply calms the skin by imitating the natural mechanisms of the skin. For delicate skin that is prone to blotches and redness, it is recommended. It is a treatment for the localized, transient reduction of discomfort. It has an effect on both the short-term and long-term persistence of redness and blotches. Freshness and comfort are immediately felt as a result. It is instantly absorbed, has a very pleasant feel, and is not sticky. Not at all comedogenic. Women who are pregnant can use it. It is suitable for sensitive skin that easily develops blotches and redness.


A decongestant and relaxing skin care product for strained skin, Uriage Roseliane Anti-Redness Cream50ml is intended to lessen redness and burning sensation associated with rosacea while restoring comfort.

  • Using Uriage Thermal Water to calm and hydrate the skin
  • Restructuring the skin barrier with Cerasterol-2F
  • Ginseng extract and dextran sulphate to decongest skin
  • Shéa Butter
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free of parabens


50ml, 40ml

How to use

Apply daily to the entire face, avoiding the eye contour. Use Uriage Roseliane Anti-Redness Cream50ml morning and night on a clean, dry face, keeping the eye area out of the application.


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