Uriage-Roseliane Dermo Cleansing Fluid 250ml


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Uriage-Roseliane Dermo Cleansing Fluid

is a washing lotion that thoroughly removes all traces of makeup and impurities while ensuring high tolerance for sensitive skin types susceptible to redness. This Uriage-Roseliane Dermo Cleansing Fluid250ml lotion gives the skin purity, freshness, and an immediate feeling of well-being because it was made with a carefully chosen blend of plant extracts, such as apricot kernel oil, which has potent anti-inflammatory and calming effects, and uriage thermal water, which eases discomfort.

With Uriage’s Roséliane Anti-Redness Dermo-Cleansing Fluid, a face and eye cleanser with a gel structure that respects the sensitivity of skin prone to redness, you may enjoy a refreshing clean.

The soap-free lotion works to remove makeup and pollutants from the face and eyes without the need for rinsing thanks to a gentle cleansing base infused with soothing Uriage Thermal Water and shea butter. The combination of apricot kernel oil and plant extracts makes sure the skin feels clean and fresh. Be prepared for a soft feel and a clear complexion.


  • Lotion-like texture
  • Skin problems, including removing makeup, pollutants, redness, and couperose/rosacea;
  • Apply in the morning or the evening;
  • Age: 10+;
  • All skin types, including sensitive skin;
  • The main advantages of this product are that it eliminates makeup and pollutants, calms discomfort and irritation brought on by skin redness, hydrates the skin and guards against dryness and dehydration, and is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
  • Not made with soap.


Primary Components

  • Because of its potent anti-inflammatory effects, apricot kernel oil soothes the skin and lessens redness;
  • Uriage Thermal Water calms the skin and lessens discomfort-causing sensations because it is pure and naturally abundant in mineral salts and trace components.

How to use

Utilizing a cotton pad, thoroughly cover the face, neck, and eye contour area with Uriage-Roseliane Dermo Cleansing Fluid 250ml. Continue until there are no longer any traces of pollutants or makeup on the skin by using a fresh cotton pad. There is no need to rinse.


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