Uriage Roseliane Mask 40ml


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Uriage Roseliane Mask 40ml

 is a calming emergency treatment that blocks the major aggravating causes that cause redness and couperose/rosacea. This mask reduces the aggravating elements that provide the appearance of excessive redness on the skin by repairing the cutaneous barrier, bolstering vascular walls, and restoring and fortifying the skin’s immunological barrier. To help the skin return to its normal state of comfort and wellbeing, the TLR2-Regul Complex, SK5R Complex, and Uriage Thermal Water all work to reduce inflammation and calm overheated skin. A cream with multiple benefits that inhibits the key factors triggering couperose/rosacea, protects the skin’s vascular system and limits aggravating factors. Upon application, comfort is immediately restored to skin, leaving it soft, perfectly moisturized and soothed. Repairs and strengthens the cutaneous barrier. Rich in Uriage Thermal Water with moisturizing and soothing properties, and in Cerasterol-2F that durably restructures the cutaneous barrier, this cream hydrates and provides immediate and long-lasting skin comfort. Strengthens the vascular walls. Ginseng and red algae extracts strengthen blood vessel walls, reducing their appearance on the skin’s surface.


  • Mask texture;
  • Skin conditions such as rosacea, couperose, and hot spots;
  • Application frequency: once per day;
  • Age: 10+;
  • All sorts of skin, even delicate skin;
  • Main advantages: soothes and hydrates the skin, protects the vascular system of the skin, decreases inflammation, repairs and strengthens the cutaneous barrier, restores comfort, and is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic in composition.


Primary Components

  • TLR2-Regul Complex and SK5R Complex lessen vascular and inflammatory issues while also having incredibly powerful calming effects;
  • The purest, most naturally abundant source of mineral salts and trace elements, Uriage Thermal Water, calms the skin and lessens itchy or uncomfortable sensations.

How to use

To fully cleansed, make-up-free skin, apply a generous layer of Uriage Roseliane Mask 40ml. Leave on for five to ten minutes. Remove carefully using a cotton pad. Add a light mist of Uriage Thermal Water to complete.


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